Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

As defined by CETL at KSU,The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is systematic inquiry into student learning and/or one’s own teaching practices in higher education which is situated in context and involves methodologically sound application of appropriate research methods, peer review, and distribution as scholarly work.

Looking for a place to start? Use the Hopscotch 4-SoTL model to facilitate your SoTL project planning, contact Associate Director for SoTL Hillary Steiner for a consultation, and read on for resources and programs that support SoTL at KSU.

  • CETL supports faculty members conducting SoTL research in the following ways:
  • An online SoTL Scholars program that supports faculty as they complete a SoTL project over the course of one year.
  • An annual SoTL conference held at KSU.
  • A SoTL Listserv that updates the campus community on SoTL opportunities at KSU and beyond.
  • Faculty Learning Communities in which faculty investigate a particular teaching and learning issue for a full academic year.
  • SoTL Travel Funds to support faculty who are presenting their SoTL research or attending SoTL conferences.

    *This program has been temporarily suspended. 

  • A directory of journals that publish SoTL research focused on college/university teaching.
  • A directory of conferences that focus on college/university teaching.
  • Individual consultations with faculty (contact Hillary Steiner, CETL Associate Director for SoTL, to set up an online or face-to-face consultation, or click the link for more information about CETL consultations)

Want more information about SoTL? Check out these resources:

Contact: Hillary H. Steiner, Ph.D., Associate Director for SoTL