Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for 2023 is now closed. Please read below for a description of the peer-reviewed session types.


SoTL Briefs

SoTL Briefs are 20-minute sessions appropriate for sharing the findings of traditional SoTL studies or syntheses of current research on a topic appropriate for a SoTL audience. Proposals must include information in the session description section about the study design, rationale, methodology, and findings. Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research designs are welcomed. Studies can be multidisciplinary or focus on a single discipline; those that focus on a single discipline should include ways the findings can be adapted to other disciplinary contexts. Twenty minutes will be allotted for each SoTL Brief, with five minutes for transition in between presentations. SoTL Briefs will be paired by the conference team in bundles of two to be delivered during a 45-minute concurrent session. 

Innovative Teaching Talks 

Innovative Teaching Talk sessions provide presenters a chance to share an innovative teaching idea or classroom experience that has not yet been subjected to formal SoTL inquiry. Grouped with other similar sessions, these 10-minute “lightning talks” will allow attendees to gain a variety of new ideas that they can immediately implement in their classrooms. This format is ideal for those who have a great teaching idea to share but who have not collected and analyzed data in a formal way. Innovative Teaching Talk sessions will be bundled by the conference team in groups of three to be delivered during a 45-minute concurrent session.