Mission, Vision, Values

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    Our Mission

    The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning supports the integrated professional development of KSU full and part-time faculty, administrators, graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and other academic colleagues throughout their careers. Through our work, we intentionally catalyze and support reflective, inclusive, and flourishing academic communities.  
    Our team is comprised of nationally recognized experts in the interdisciplinary field of Educational Development. We develop and offer programs and services rooted in the literature of the learning sciences, inclusive teaching, organizational development, assessment, adult learning, and related fields. Our offerings invite colleagues to apply research-based practices to their own contexts to support institutional goals.  
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      CETL leads in the field of educational development by promoting an inclusive, holistic, integrated, and research-based approach.  
      We cultivate a community of academics pursuing scholarly, flourishing professional lives at KSU. 
      CETL Values Individual Growth, Flourishing Community, Integrity and Authenticity, A Scholarly Rigorous Approach, and Intentional Inclusion


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