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Join us for the 2023 Virtual SoTL Summit on September 21-22, 2023!

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Our conference, formerly known as the Research on Teaching and Learning Summit, has a rich tradition of celebrating research on teaching and learning. Starting in 2021, the Summit was rebranded as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Summit to better reflect the terminology of the field. The SoTL Summit has adopted an intentionally developmental focus to help participants at all levels of SoTL experience grow as teacher-scholars.

A thirtieth wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with the giving and receiving of pearls. We hope you'll find many “Pearls of Wisdom" this year as we mark thirty years of hosting the conference.

In addition to peer reviewed sessions, the fully virtual program includes a keynote address and other invited plenary sessions.  We hope you’ll make plans to join this growing community of scholars! 


"Just as a pearl is created by an irritating foreign body being enveloped in layers of nacre by the oyster, so do new ideas become thoughts and engagement in the minds of students. It is the role of the educator to start this process. Let us be the irritant that makes students think and react."
~Regan Gurung