AI and Teaching | Events and Resources

ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, has stirred debate across the higher education community, with some claiming artificial intelligence will revolutionize education while others see it as a significant threat. One thing is clear, and that artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it will disrupt current practices, not just in writing, but in the arts, software coding, and many other disciplines. It will become part of our students’ future jobs, which create the need for a new kind of literacy. Higher education must take a proactive role, engaging with this technology, shaping the ways we utilize it, with a critical perspective and an ethical approach.


CETL is committed to promoting research- and evidence-based pedagogies. Unfortunately, the use of AI-based tools in university courses is still new and a consensus on best practices has not emerged yet. Lacking those, we are providing resources on these tools from a variety of perspectives in order to jumpstart your thinking process with issues to consider.