CETL Space Reservations

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has four (4) locations on the Kennesaw campus. The CETL House, 3211 Campus Loop Rd in Kennesaw, has space for faculty to gather for workshops, meetings, social events, and informal conversations directly tied to the mission of CETL. Scheduling priority will be given to meetings and events associated with those afiliated with CETL and secondarily to other related meetings and events coordinated by campus colleagues who do not have a formal affiliation with CETL.

Spaces Available at the CETL House

The CETL House does not have a public kitchen or ice maker for use by outside events. Sinks and serving spaces are available. 

NEW CETL Research Lab (formerly the Conference Room)

    • Connect with Ditto or HDMI
    • 2 screens (one in the front and one in the back of the room)
    • 2 cameras to allow virtual participants to see the room
    • All tables and chairs can be wheeled into whatever formation is needed
    • 42 theater style
    • 22 conference style
    • 28 classroom style
    • Up to 36 pods
    • Access to the desk and backyard to increase capacity
  • This provides you with an interactive and collaborative space to assist you in designing a well-informed SoTL project. This is a branch of the Interactive Research Methods Lab

    If you would like more guidance on utilizing this space for designing your SoTL project you can book a consultation. For more information on SoTL, please visit our Scholarship of Teaching and Learning webpage. 

CETL Workshop Lab (formerly the Instructional Design Lab)

    • Connect with Ditto or HDMI
    • 3 screens (two in the front and one in the back of the room)
    • All tables and chairs can be wheeled into whatever formation is needed
    • 42 theater style
    • 20 conference style
    • 24 classroom style
    • Up to 36 pods

Deck & Backyard

  • There are no technical capabilities for the Deck & Backyard

    • Outdoor seating for up to 30 people
  • To minimize disturbances to other events, we ask that if you are interested in the Deck and Backyard that you reserve the library or CETL Research Lab to provide access to enter the building to use the restroom facilities. If you anticipate setting up amplified sound, please reserve the Library and CETL Research Lab in addition to the Deck and Backyard.


    • Connect with HDMI
    • 12 people
    • There are two (2) sofas, four (4) oversized arm chairs, and a table with four (4) chairs
  • The library has four (4) doorways without doors. Two (2) lead to the welcoming foyer, one (1) leads to the kitchen area, and one (1) leads to the upstairs where there are additional offices. This means that you may hear typical office operations in this space, but we do try to be mindful of our guests to minimize disruptions. 

Reservation and Space Guidelines

Subject to Approval: Scheduling of the CETL House facilities must be coordinated through CETL. The form below must be submitted to CETL at least 14 days prior to the event (with the exception of events where alcohol will be served) and approved by Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives prior to announcing an event at the CETL House. Use will generally be restricted to meetings and events directly related to the mission of CETL. Scheduling priority will be given to CETL meetings and events. However, related meetings and events coordinated by non-CETL campus colleagues may be requested.

Setup: The designated contact on the request form is responsible for all event setup, cleanup, and coordination with KSU Catering or other deliveries. Each space is reserved "as is" and it is the responsibility of the designated contact to return the space to its original configuration and cleanliness.

Disturbance: Please keep in mind that the available spaces are not unique, special events spaces. If renting during business hours, the event activities must be appropriate for a space that is surrounded by private offices. Event facilitators must make every effort as to not disturb regular CETL workings during the event.

Access: If the event takes place on a weekday after 5pm, the event contact is responsible for arriving before 5pm to gain access to the facility. They are also responsible for securing/locking the CETL House facility when leaving. Access to CETL is not generally granted for weekend events.

Parking: Please note that parking at CETL is limited. If your event begins before 5:00pm, Kennesaw State employees who pay for parking can use the economy parking lot at the Lutheran Church on Campus Loop road. View the Campus Parking website for more information. Those unloading and loading your event materials i.e. food, refreshments, will be able to park at CETL if space is available.

Alcohol: Per KSU policy, alcohol may not be served before 4:00pm on campus. The following additional requirements must accompany a reservation request for CETL facilities where alcohol will be served:

  1. Unlike other general event requests, this reservation request must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. If the requested room/date is available, CETL will grant conditional approval for the event.
  2. The designated contact for the event must contact University Events for the Alcohol Request Form and submit to University Events for approval. This approval form is signed by the President. 
  3. CETL will only grant full approval for the event once the designated contact for the event emails the CETL the approved Alcohol Request Form signed by the President. 
  4. A campus police officer and KSU Catering bartender (furnished by the department hosting the event) is required onsite for the entirety of the event.


Please fill out the form below to submit your reservation request for a CETL space.