SoTL Micro-Credentials

CETL offers KSU faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to earn Micro-Credentials that demonstrate Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) skills. Micro-Credentials are digital badges that reflect professional skills and competencies. For faculty, they are a way to demonstrate and catalog professional development. Click here to read more about Micro-Credentials at KSU.

Getting Started with SoTL at KSU

sotl badgeThis Micro-Credential souvenir represents an individual's participation in a 15-minute webinar introducing the concept of SoTL. After the webinar, participants should be able to:

  • differentiate SoTL from “good” and “scholarly” teaching, and from related concepts;
  • describe the basic stages of the SoTL process; and
  • identify resources to assist them as they begin to engage in SoTL.

The webinar is available on-demand, and participation is verified via a one-question quiz at the end of the webinar. Please ensure that you sign in to MediaSpace before viewing. Badges will be granted in the Badgr system within two weeks of completion.


SoTL Fundamentals

fundamentals microcredentials

For this Level 1 Badge, participants will extend their learning about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) through readings, videos, and personal reflections. After completing this badge, participants should be able to:  

  • identify several characteristics of good quality SoTL studies;
  • identify sources of SoTL publications in their disciplines;
  • discuss the ethical considerations of including students as partners in SoTL;
  • describe common challenges associated with engaging in SoTL; and
  • identify potential solutions to address common SoTL challenges.  
    To earn this Micro-Credential, learners will complete a SoftChalk lesson that contains textual content and links to additional readings, videos, and websites. For each of the four sections of content, learners will submit a personal reflection of at least 150 words that addresses the prompts given. The approximate time to complete the Micro-Credential is 4.5 hours. We recommend learners earn the “Getting Started with SoTL at KSU” Souvenir before beginning this badge. 


SoTL Research Design

research design microcredentialFor this Level 1 Badge, participants will learn about research design in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) by engaging in a thorough inquiry process that promotes the development of a well-informed research design for a SoTL project. After completing, the learner will be able to generate a textual and visual representation of the research design for their SoTL project that contains thorough descriptions of:  

  • their worldview as a researcher;
  • their topic of study and associated research questions;
  • the study's theoretical framework and grounding literature;
  • the study's methodology; and
  • ethical principles that will guide the study. 
    Learners will use the Hopscotch 4-SoTL web tool as a guide. The estimated time of completion for self-guided Hopscotch 4-SoTL is three hours; however, for SoTL beginners we recommend this badge be completed in consultation with CETL staff as noted below. The results of the Hopscotch 4-SoTL webform are emailed as a PDF to the learner, who will then submit the completed webform to the Grantor via email. After the Grantor reviews the completed artifact, revisions may be requested before the Micro-Credential is granted. We recommend learners earn the “Getting Started with SoTL at KSU” Souvenir and “SoTL Fundamentals” Level 1 Badge before beginning this badge. 


CETL Associate Director for SoTL Hillary Steiner provides consultations for all stages of the SoTL research design process. Click here to request a consultation.