Online Instruction Resources

by David Glassmeyer, CETL Scholarly Teaching Fellow for Online Pedagogy
last updated: July 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic forced KSU instructors to emergency remote/distance education in spring and summer semesters. As we continue instruction into the 2020-2021 academic year, a growing list of KSU-developed resources is now available to help instructors plan and facilitate research-based online instruction within our current challenges. 

The following list of resources is categorized by function, including: (1) resources for online course design and implementation, (2) resources for adjusting online instruction due to health pandemic, (3) resources for adjusting online instruction due to reignited push for racial justice, and (4) research-based, accessible resources about online instruction. 

More recent lists of technological resources can be found at KSU’s CETL, Bagwell College of Education Tech Sessions, Digital Learning Innovations, or University Information and Technology Services (UITS) websites. 


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    1. Resources for Online Course Design

    If you are looking for the basics of online course design, this list is the best place to start. These resources will help you orient yourself with best practices in online instruction and access additional resources and training on best practices related to asynchronous and synchronous technology. 

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    2. Resources for Adjusting Online Instruction in Response to Current Climate

    In person and online classroom environments are constantly changing in response to outside events. This section provides important resources for adjusting online instruction in response.

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    3. Research-Based Resources for Online Teaching

    Interested in understanding more research-based practices for online instruction, teaching during a crisis, or navigating social and racial justice? This list of resources is accessible to all KSU students, staff, and faculty by logging into KSU’s library website.

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    4. Online Teaching Resource Video Directory

    This collection of videos consists of interviews with KSU faculty about their use of a variety of research-based, best practices for online teaching on a range of topics. Each video is just a few minutes long and provides 'on-the-ground' insights about how to implement these best practices.


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