Graduate Student Professional Development

“[W]hen it come to teaching, most of us are still learning.” – Ambrose, et al. 2010

CETL’s Graduate Student Professional Development (GSPD) program offers evidence-based, teaching and learning support for all graduate students who are currently teaching or interested in teaching in the future. Participants in this program often aver that teaching and learning principles apply not only to the classroom, but to industry and other professional contexts as well.

  • This “College and University Teaching” course is a one-credit hour, online, 11-week course.

    Catalog Description: This course introduces students to effective pedagogical skills and is designed to prepare Graduate Teaching Assistants for their duties. Topics include understanding how students learn, creating active learning environments, using formative and summative assessments, grading, handling problematic student behavior, responding to student diversity, and composing a teaching philosophy.

  • This orientation is a full day teaching orientation held every fall semester.

    An annual fall event, this orientation is designed for graduate students who currently serve as Graduate Teaching Assistants (Teachers of Record), Teaching Assistants, or those who are considering applying for an assistantship. This orientation is also relevant for those graduate students who simply want to learn more about teaching and learning principles that apply to academic and other professional settings. KSU graduate students will be introduced to evidence-based teaching and learning principles and practices, university policies, and teaching expectations.

  • We offer multiple types of events that include informational and interactive workshops, webinars, book chats, and more.

    The GSPD offers multiple workshops and webinars every fall and spring for graduate students who are currently teaching or who are interested in teaching. The workshops address core competencies and effective strategies for university teaching in all modalities (F2F, hybrid, online) and across disciplines. For example, evidence-based topics might include: 1) improving lab instruction; 2) designing interactive lectures; 3) creating an inclusive classroom; 4) facilitating discussions; or 5) grading and assessments.

  • We offer confidential consultations, observations, review of teaching materials, and student focus groups.

    In consultation, we are available to discuss classroom teaching pedagogies and practices. We also provide feedback for your teaching materials. We are available to observe your classroom and offer feedback. Further, we can help you construct mid-semester evaluations targeting specific issues, interpret the data (midterm and official end-of-semester), and identify solutions. We also facilitate student focus groups to collect anonymous student feedback and report it back to you. To schedule any of these services, please contact Linda Stewart at, or 470-578-6410.

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