SoTL Scholars Program Projects

The SoTL Scholars program is a year-long professional development initiative where faculty receive support for a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project from initial concept to publication.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning celebrates the work of these recent SoTL Scholars:

  • Chin

    Craig Chin, 2021

    Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering

    The Application of Differentiated Instruction to Electrical Engineering Courses 

    • Grayer

      Misty Grayer, 2021

      Assistant Professor of Public Administration, School of Government and International Affairs

      Teaching Law as a Tool for Better Management 

      • hedenstrom

        Lisa Hedenstrom, 2021

        Assistant Professor of Nursing, Wellstar School of Nursing

        Instructor Presence in a Nursing Cancer Survivorship Course

        • Hesser

          Marcia Hesser, 2021

          Senior Lecturer of Organismal Biology, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

          Team Based Learning in STEM: The Effect of Classroom Design on Student Engagement and Success 

          • Niederjohn

            Dan Niederjohn, 2021

            Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychological Science

            Increasing Growth Mindset and Performance in the College Classroom 

            • Olson

              Mitch Olson, 2021

              Assistant Professor of Screen/Scriptwriting, Department of English

              Writin’ about Talkin’: A Linguistic Approach to Teaching Dialogue (with Chris Palmer)

              • Reinke

                Amanda Reinke, 2021

                Assistant Professor of Conflict Management, School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding, and Development

                Re-imagining Conflict Management Pedagogy Through Fantastical Role-Play Simulations (with Cody Wehlan)


                • Diana Gregory

                  Diana Gregory, 2020


                  Professor of Art Education, School of Art and Design

                  Performing the Personal: Creative Process, Conceptual Inventiveness, Identity, and SoTL (with Jonathan Fisher)

                  • Duanping Hong

                    Duanping Hong, 2020

                    Assistant Professor of Accounting, School of Accountancy

                    The Effect of Pre-Exam Quiz Wrappers on Student Learning in an Introductory Accounting Course

                    • Troy Mutchler

                      Troy Mutchler, 2020

                      Assistant Professor of Biology, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

                      Comparison of Student Learning Using Online and Face-to-Face Instruction in STEM Courses (with Paula Jackson, Joy Brookshire, and Karyn Alme)

                      • Teresa Neal

                        Teresa Neal, 2020

                        Lecturer of Educational Psychology, Department of Psychological Science

                        Literature Circles and Problem-Based Learning in a Lifespan Development Course 

                        • Shane Peterson

                          Shane Peterson, 2020

                          Assistant Professor of German, Department of Foreign Languages

                          The Impact of a High-Frequency Vocabulary Approach on German L2 Learners’ Reading Comprehension

                          • Kate Schaab

                            Kate Schaab, 2020

                            Assistant Professor of Integrative Studies, Department of Leadership and Integrative Studies

                            From General to Interdisciplinary Studies: A Multi-Stage Curriculum Intervention

                            • Peter St. Pierre

                              Peter St. Pierre, 2020

                              Associate Professor of Health Promotion and Physical Education, Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education

                              Belief Changes in Beginning Physical Education Teacher Candidates through Reading the Voices of Others

                              • Kei Tomita

                                Kei Tomita, 2020

                                Assistant Professor of Interactive Design, Department of Technical Communication & Interactive Design

                                Learning by Explaining: An Invention of a Mini Presentation Generative Learning Strategy

                                • Katherine White

                                  Katherine White, 2020

                                  Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychological Science

                                  Highlighting Utility Value in Psychology Courses to Boost Student Interest and Performance (with Ordene Edwards)

                                  • Amanda Wolfe

                                    Amanda Wolfe, 2020

                                    Lecturer of Psychology, Department of Psychological Science

                                    Get on The Leaderboard: Gamification in Undergraduate Psychology Experimental Methods Courses