Faculty Learning Community Projects

Open-theme faculty learning communities are designed to bring together small groups of faculty who are interested in focusing on investigating a particular teaching and learning issue for a full academic year. The experience is intended to enhance each participant's teaching in ways that may lead to documentable changes in student learning and, when appropriate, to the production of scholarship (e.g., presentations, publications) that disseminates teaching innovations.

"It's About Engagement" faculty learning communities follow the same model as open-theme FLCs, but are funded through and themed around the "It's About Engagement" intitiative. 

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning celebrates the work of these recent faculty learning communities:


Enhancing Engineering Students’ Troubleshooting Skill

Category: Open-Theme

Leader: Bill Diong

Participants: Craig Chin, Sandip Das, Ayse Tekes, Walter Thain

White Paper


Faculty Learning Community on Undergraduate Research 

Category: It's About Engagement

Leader: Sara Evans

Participants: Yuri Feito, Rongkai Guo, Tsai-Tien Tseng, Jennifer Willard, Ayse Tekes, Jeffrey Yunek, Evelina Sterling (Ex Officio), Amy Buddie (Ex Officio) 

 White Paper


SPCEET Service Learning Faculty Learning Community

Category: It's About Engagement

Leader: Christina Scherrer

Participants: Adam Kaplan, Adeel Khalid, Lori Lowder, Roneisha Worthy, Tom Yanuzzi (Ex-Officio)

 White Paper


Faculty Learning Community on Internships and Co-Ops

Category: It's About Engagement

Leader: Lara Smith-Sitton

Participants: Jennifer Dickey, Dan Niederjohn, Cyril Okhio, Sabine Smith, Dawn Tatum

White Paper



Engaging in Undergraduate Research: A Cross‐Disciplinary Effort to Improve Faculty and Student Experiences

Leader: Evelina Sterling

Participants: Jennifer Willard, Rongkai Guo, Yuri Feito, Tsai-Tien Tseng, Angela Farr Shilling, Sarah Holmes, and Amy Buddie (ex-officio)

White Paper

Teaching Sustainability Across Colleges: Designing and Innovative Certificate for All Students

Leader: Beth Giddens

Participants: Ed Akins, David Glassmeyer, Amy Gruss, Maria Kalamas Hedden, Vanessa Slinger-Friedman, and Matt Weand

Journal Article

Teaching from a Third Space: Experiences of International Faculty

Leader: Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper

Participants: Darlene Rodriguez, Sabine Smith, Luc Guglielmi, Uttam Kokil, Zaya Rustamova, and Pinder Naidu

White Paper

Social Justice in the Language Classroom

Leader: Karen Graf

Participants: Robert Simon, Federica Santini, Jaime Cruz-Ortiz, Neysa Figueroa, Allison Webb, Renata Creekmur, and Alan Watts