CETL Scholarly Teaching Announces New Fellow, Dr. Michelle Head

Michelle Head imageCETL Scholarly Teaching is excited to introduce our Faculty Fellow for Reflective Practice in Learning, Dr. Michelle Head, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Dr. Head provides faculty development workshops and one-on-one consultation to meet the learning goals related to reflection that are the main focus of the KSU Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) known as the It's About Engagement! initiative. The content of these faculty development activities will be on infusing reflective practices throughout the curriculum, as well as developing a solid learning progression for students to develop as a reflective learner while in their program of study. Also, a website will be created that will feature readily available online resources related to teaching practices that engage students in reflective learning.

Michelle’s background in Chemical Education research has allowed her to be well versed in learning sciences and current trends in STEM discipline-based education research. When she joined KSU, her primary teaching responsibilities were in the Chemistry Education track of the B.S. Chemistry degree. This teaching experience allowed her to hone her teaching practices related to reflection on student teaching experiences. It also allowed her to gain experience with delivering professional development to local in-service Chemistry teachers. In addition, Michelle has demonstrated a commitment to infusing reflective practices in her chemistry courses offered at KSU and bridging research and practice to provide students with a high-quality learning experience. Most recently, she has worked with a team of Chemistry faculty to redesign the Principles of Chemistry laboratory (CHEM 1211L and CHEM 1212L) experience to focus not only on learning laboratory skills but also scientific communication (i.e. well-developed arguments and explanations for the phenomenon observed in lab and data literacy). 

Michelle's experience with online teaching and learning:

  • Most recently taught CHEM 1211L fully online using at-home labs.
  • Offered graduate-level chemistry/science content courses for students in the Ed.S./Ed.D. Secondary Education program at KSU.
  • Delivered professional development of the NSF Noyce Scholars through an online professional learning community format.