Scholars for Reflective Practice in Learning

CETL is seeking applications from faculty members interested in participating in a year-long professional development and leadership initiative to receive support to incorporate and further enhance reflective practices in learning in their college. Allowing students to reflect on high impact practices (HIPs) is a primary goal of the KSU It’s About Engagement Initiative, which is our current Quality Enhancement Plan. Selected scholars will play an important role in supporting faculty across KSU to collectively meet the goals of this important initiative while also helping to build a culture of reflective practices for learning across all types of courses.  

Scholars of Reflective Practices for Learning will engage in a series of professional development opportunities related to teaching practices that support reflective learning. Then using information learned from the professional development, scholars will work to develop workshops and materials to address the nuances of implementing reflective practices in learning in their college. Collectively, all the scholars will contribute resources they develop toward composing a web resource that will be available on-demand for faculty at KSU and beyond. 

This opportunity is appropriate for full-time faculty who have begun to explore scaffolding the reflection process in their classroom, are excited to dive in deeper and learn more regarding the supporting research and theory related to reflective learning, and who would enjoy sharing their knowledge and practice to support faculty getting started or further developing their own reflective practices in learning. We will meet at least monthly throughout the year to check in on progress towards targeted products and activities. Participants will spend 5-8 hours each month completing the monthly readings, assignments, and development and execution of further professional development activities for members in their college.

Program Timeline

  • Summer 2021 – Asynchronous discussion regarding the research and theory on reflective practices for learning

  • Fall 2021 – Development of college-specific professional development materials and plan for implementation

  • Spring 2022 – Implementation of college-specific professional development and finalizing web resource

Expected Deliverables

  • Engagement in at least 80% of the online discussion (Summer 2021)
  • Develop and implement two professional development opportunities for faculty in their college (Fall and Spring 2022)
  • Contribute scholarly web content that is equivalent to a 4-6 page document (Fall and Spring 2022)

Application Deadline

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 11:59pm


Faculty selected as a Scholar is this program will be given a text to guide our early discussions. In addition, faculty who complete all deliverables that are part of this program will receive $1,500 in summer salary and a certificate of completion for this program.

Selection Criteria

The goal is to have representation from each college with an undergraduate program. Applications are competitive and will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Clear articulation of ways in which you have begun to explore teaching practices related to reflection and scaffolding the reflection process for students. Please include your experience with student reflection, if any, in service-learning, undergraduate research, or internships and co-op courses.
  2. A brief description of how you might envision supporting colleagues in your college to implement or further enhance their implementation of teaching practices that support student reflection on learning. 
  3. Clear demonstration that the applicant has planned to devote time to participation in the course (i.e., the applicant has a defined plan for managing this project within his/her usual workload and integrating it into his/her service load).  


All full-time KSU faculty who are from a home department in a college with an undergraduate program.

Selection and Application Process

The Faculty Development Committee (a committee of the Faculty Senate) will review all applications and select participants for the course using this rubric.

Each applicant must prepare the following materials and share the cover sheet and application narratives in advance with their supervisor/chair/director:

  1. Statement of Interest (2,000 character max)

    Provide a statement of interest that describes your 1) interest in teaching practices related to reflection and scaffolding the reflection process for students and 2) how have incorporated practices for reflective learning in the courses that you teach including experience with student reflection, if any, in service-learning, undergraduate research, or internships and co-op courses.

  2. Vision for College-Specific Professional Development Program and Resources (2,000 character max)

    Describe your vision for a college-specific professional development program or resources that you would develop to further support other colleagues in your college to begin to implement or further enhance their teaching practices for reflective learning. (e.g., What tangible product(s) do you plan to produce at the culmination of this program? What are your plans for managing your time so that adequate time is devoted to this course and project?)

  3. Cover Page and Curriculum Vitae File Upload 

    Complete and sign the cover page and obtain the signature of your immediate supervisor. Create a single PDF that includes the completed cover page and your curriculum vitae.
    Download Cover Page


The application deadline for this program has passed.  


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