It’s About Engagement

Faculty Development Services Offered by CETL 

CETL is committed to promoting “research-based pedagogies that foster student academic engagement, learning, and success … [to] cultivate a data-driven campus-wide culture of ongoing academic program enhancement.” Our programming plan for the It’s About Engagement initiative is designed to boost and expand existing faculty capacity supporting undergraduate research, service learning, and co-ops/internships.

We also support It's About Engagement through a CETL Faculty Fellow dedicated specifically to the initiative. This fellow designs and delivers programming supporting the use of reflection as a learning tool broadly across KSU curricula and for special emphasis on integrating reflective practices into It’s About Engagement courses. This position supports faculty in exploring scholarly approaches to adopting and implementing reflective learning practices and assignments for students in their courses, and in particular assists faculty in designing final reflection assignments to meet expectation for designated It’s About Engagement courses. 




  • Faculty design and deliver high quality courses which promote student engagement, learning, and success through the AAC&U High Impact Practices  (HIPs) of
    • (1) undergraduate research,
    • (2) Internships/co-ops, and
    • (3) service-learning. 
  • Faculty have ample opportunity to participate in CETL programming that specifically supports the It’s About Engagement Quality Enhancement Plan via access to online resources, university-wide and unit-specific face-to-face events, and individual consultations.   



Intended Outcomes: Faculty will be able to… 

  • access CETL resources online and in-person to support their continued development. 
    apply the backward design process to incorporate HIPS for engagement of students in the learning process within their courses. 
  • design HIP learning tasks/activities including reflective assignments for undergraduate research, service-learning, and internships/co-ops that constructively align within a course. 
  • align course learning activities and/or content with HIP taxonomies developed by KSU.