Introduction to Scholarly Teaching Course

This self-paced, non-credit course is available to graduate students who are teaching or interested in teaching in the future. It is also open to postdoctoral scholars and those interested in how teaching and learning principles apply to professional contexts. This course provides webinars, activities, viewings, and readings about evidence-based, learning-centered practices and principles fundamental to scholarly teaching. Further, this course pairs effective pedagogies with innovative practices that may be applied to all course models. Participants will have opportunities to self-assess their learning and their evolving understanding of scholarly teaching and learning.

There are two ways to complete the course. Click on the plus sign to read the description of each option. 

    • This option is for graduate students who did not attend the Graduate Student Teaching Fall Orientation. Students in this class will be introduced to learning-centered principles and practices of teaching and learning applicable to all course models. In addition to the introduction, there are eight content-based modules that consist of recorded webinars, readings, and viewings on teaching and learning topics. Supplemental resources are available at the end of each module. Four of the modules are comprised of the CETL Orientation webinars, and four are additional teaching and learning webinars. Participants will complete a survey at the beginning and end of each module, along with a final reflection. The estimated time to complete the introduction and all eight content modules is eight to ten hours.

    • Graduate students who synchronously attended all four of the sessions in the Graduate Student Teaching Fall orientation will only need to complete the introduction and four content-based modules: modules five through eight. Supplemental resources are available at the end of each module. Participants will complete a survey at the beginning and end of modules five through eight, along with a final reflection. The estimated time to complete the introduction and modules five through eight is four to five hours.

Course Goals

Participants who complete the eight teaching and learning modules in this course will be able to:

  • identify evidence-based, learning centered principles and practices
  • identify dimensions of scholarly teaching: pedagogy, evidence-based practice, curricular design, ethics, and reflection
  • distinguish effective and equitable practices that engage all students.
  • apply evidence-based, learning-centered principles and practices to their discipline or context.
  • reflect upon their emerging views and values about teaching and learning.

Module 1: How Students Learn
Module 2: Active Learning
Module 3: Inclusive Classroom Climate
Module 4: Assessment
Module 5: Lecture-Discussion
Module 6: Learning-centered Syllabus Design
Module 7: Transparent Assignment Design
Module 8: Student Feedback and Teacher Reflection

Scholarly Teaching

Scholarly teaching Includes several dimensions which are developmental and ongoing. Scholarly teachers:

  • design their instructional activities based on evidence-based, effective teaching and learning theories and practices
  • design their courses taking into consideration program and student learning goals, course alignment, activities, and assessments
  • practice inclusive and equitable teaching
  • reflect systematically and regularly

Course Acknowledgement of Completion

Participants in this course will receive a CETL Digital Certificate of Completion. The course must be completed within one semester. After completing the course, you will apply for the CETL digital certificate in Module 9. Once it is confirmed that you completed the required components of the course, you will receive directions on how to access your certificate. 

Course Registration

Complete and submit the form below to initiate your enrollment in the course. Note that a GTA is a Teacher of Record. A TA is a Teaching Assistant. After your registration is confirmed, you will receive a notice of enrollment in D2L. Please contact if you do not receive your notice within 5 business days.




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