Scholarly Teaching Consultations

Our Philosophy on Consultations

CETL Scholarly Teaching offers consultations around all aspects of teaching and learning. Our consultations are:

  • Confidential - Unless required to do so by KSU or BOR policy, federal or state law or regulations, we do not disclose any information from our consultations, including people and courses we work with, information shared in that process, data collected, documentation produced, or any other element of the consultation. That decision is up to you.
  • Collaborative - We know pedagogy, but you know your disciplinary content, and you know your particular students. Together, we can leverage our knowledge and experience to explore opportunities that work for you.
  • Constructive - Our goal is to help you adapt and apply evidence-based practices matched to your own teaching and learning goals and appropriate to your own context

What CETL will NOT do: 

  • Be the teaching police. We only accept consultations if you come to us. We are not looking for bad teachers to fix. We believe everybody is on a personal and progressive improvement trajectory. We work with educators at all levels, from graduate teaching assistants to award-winning professors.
  • Evaluate your teaching. We adopt a research perspective to the consultation. We collect data, mirror it back to you, and discuss its what it means for potential next steps on your teaching journey.
  • Offer canned or basic tips, or be the all-knowing experts. We understand context is everything. We aim to inform you about generative, research-based learning principles, and then work with you to translate those principles into pedagogical strategies tailored to specific situations.
  • Come into your classroom uninvited. Consultations are voluntary, as requested by you (not your coordinator or your chair)
  • Tell on you. Within the limits of the law, our consultations are 100% confidential, as described above. 

One-on-One Consultations

One-on-one consultation meetings address any aspect of teaching and learning that you would like to work on, from selecting appropriate methods for assessment to selecting innovative pedagogical approaches to identifying a students' zone of proximal development. Teaching is a lifelong journey. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced teacher or new to the profession, there are always new things to try. Our one-on-one consultation meetings focus on implementing research-based practices to improve student learning as you move forward in your teaching journey. Meetings can be held at CETL or in your office, whichever you prefer.

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