One-on-One Consultations

CETL offers consultations around all aspects of teaching and learning. We partner with KSU educators at all levels to enhance teaching and learning at our institution “through exploration, collaboration, and rigor” (KSU Mission Statement).  

One-on-one consultation meetings may address any aspect of teaching and learning. We can support you in selecting appropriate methods for assessment, implementing innovative pedagogical approaches, addressing difficult teaching experiences, and more. 

Teaching is a lifelong journey. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced teacher or new to the profession, there are always new things to try and new problems to solve. Our one-on-one consultation meetings focus on implementing research-based practices to improve student learning as you move forward in your teaching journey. 

CETL consultations are

  • Confidential - CETL consultations are faculty-driven; we only contact faculty at their own request. Further, we keep all conversations confidential between the consultant and the faculty member (unless required by KSU or BOR policy, federal or state law or regulations). 
  • Collaborative - We aspire to develop collaborative relationships with each of our partners. Together, we can leverage our knowledge and experience to explore opportunities that work for you and in your unique context.
  • Constructive - Our goal is to help you adapt and apply evidence-based practices aligned with your personal teaching and learning goals. We will share generative, research-based learning principles, and then work with you to translate those into effective strategies you can leverage in your teaching. 

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