About Faculty Success

CETL Faculty Success (CFS) was established by the Provost in 2019 as a unit of CETL dedicated to faculty development beyond teaching. CFS uses research-based educational and organizational development practices to support KSU faculty flourishing, including academic administrators, in their pursuit of career success and recognition. We help them uncover strengths and grow competencies to progress their careers. We also provide holistic support to help them identify and achieve their own professional goals in conjunction with organizational priorities. 

Our programs are organized in six thematic areas:

  1. onboarding for new faculty, chairs, directors, and deans
  2. leadership development
  3. scholarship and productivity
  4. promotions tenure, and review
  5. community and well-being
  6. awards and fuding

Our Team

CETL Faculty Developers and Coaches

  • Esther Jordan

    Esther Jordan Faculty Success Director and Coach, and Professor of Political Science

    Faculty Success Director and Coach, and Professor of Political Science

    Phone: (470) 578-6410
    Email: ejorda30@kennesaw.edu
    Location: House 3211 - 103

    Dr. Jordan leads the CETL-Faculty Success (CFS) team, which is charged with supporting faculty and leaders in their professional development. CFS provides development programs in five areas: 1. onboarding for new faculty, chairs/directors and deans; 2. leadership development; 3. scholarship and productivity; 4. promotion, tenure and review; 5. community and wellbeing; and 6. awards and recognition. CFS supports faculty and faculty administrator development in these areas through a variety of programs including success and leadership coaching, orientations, retreats, mutual mentoring groups, communities of practice, learning communities, webinars, workshops, and book chats.  
    She directs the annual Chairs and Deans Orientation and Retreats and the Full Time Faculty Early Career Institute. She co-directs the Provost's Faculty Leadership Fellows program and CETL's Coaching Program. She serves as the lead mentor for CETL's summer MMGs that focus on promotion and tenure: the Pre-Tenure Review Portfolio Preparation MMG, the Tenure Track Faculty P&T Portfolio Preparation MMG, and the Lecturer Promotion Portfolio Preparation MMG. She is the lead mentor for the Assistant and Associate Chairs MMG and co-leads the Global Faculty MMG. She also regularly facilitates a variety of webinars and book chats in all of the CFS areas of focus.  
    In addition to her work at CETL, Dr. Jordan is a Professor of Political Science with the KSU School of Government and International affairs. She teaches one upper division class per year for her school, serves on its curriculum and diversity and inclusion committees, and leads its faculty writing accountability groups. Her research and writing focus on social capital, civil society, informal networks, educational development, and coaching.  
    She has served in many leadership roles in related professional associations, most recently as a keynote speaker at the 2020 POD Network for educational developer’s Annual Conference, chair of the Active Learning Section of the International Studies Association (2019-2020), chair of the POD Network's subcommittee for the Robert J. Menges Award for Outstanding Research (2019, 2020, and 2021), Chair of the USG Professional and Institutional Developers Consortium (2020-2021), Co-Director of the USG Leadership Developers' Institute (2020 and 2021), and a USG Leadership Development Fellow (2020-2022). She is a regularly featured speaker for the USG's office of Leadership and Institutional development programs and occasionally leads workshops and webinars for institutions throughout the USG on topics such as conflict resolution and coaching skills for leaders.
  • Letizia Guglielmo

    Letizia Guglielmo Faculty Success Fellow, Chairs' Coach, and Professor of English

    Faculty Success Fellow, Chairs' Coach, and Professor of English

    Phone: (470) 578-6764
    Email: lgugliel@kennesaw.edu
    Location: EB 106

    As a CFS Faculty Fellow, Dr. Guglielmo is on a 50% teaching workload reassignment to CETL. She serves as a leadership coach for KSU Chairs and Directors and as the lead mentor for the Chairs and Directors Mutual Mentoring Group. She also takes the lead on CETL faculty development programs in the areas of scholarship and productivity. She facilitates the Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks Community of Practice that is offered each semester, CETL's weekly Write Here Write Now program, and a variety of workshops and webinars in the areas of leadership development.  

    In addition to her CETL fellowship, Dr. Guglielmo is a Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies, past Coordinator of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program, and former Interim Chair of English. She teaches courses in professional writing and gender studies. Her research and writing focus on feminist rhetoric and pedagogy, gender and pop culture, digital media in the writing classroom, collaboration, and professional development for students, faculty, and department chairs.  

  • Chinasa Elue

    Chinasa Elue Faculty Success Coach and Lead Mentor and Associate Professor of Education Leadership

    Faculty Success Coach and Lead Mentor and Associate Professor of Education Leadership

    Phone: (470) 578-2493
    Email: celue@kennesaw.edu
    Location: BEB 462

    As a CFS Faculty Success Coach and Lead Mentor, Dr. Elue is on a 30% teaching workload reassignment to CETL. She serves as a success coach for faculty and is the Lead Mentor and Faculty Expert for the BIPOC Faculty Mutual Mentoring Group. 

    In addition to her role at CETL, Dr. Elue is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Higher Education in the Department of Educational Leadership. Dr. Elue teaches graduate level courses in the Department of Educational Leadership and in the newly launched Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration. Her research focuses on issues of educational access and equity for marginalized populations across the P-20 continuum.  


Affiliated Faculty

  • Theresa Alviar

    Theresa Alviar Lead Mentor and Faculty Expert

    Lead Mentor and Faculty Expert

    Phone: (470) 578-5066
    Email: talviar@kennesaw.edu
    Location: KH 3209

    • International/Global Faculty Mutual Mentoring Group Lead Mentor
    • Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
    • Global Affairs International Support Faculty Fellow
  • Darlene Rodriguez- Schaefer

    Darlene Rodriguez- Schaefer Lead Mentor and Faculty Expert

    Lead Mentor and Faculty Expert

    Phone: (470) 578-3669
    Email: drodri30@kennesaw.edu
    Location: HS 3313

    • Parents in Academia Mutual Mentoring Group Lead Mentor
    • Associate Professor of Social Work and Human Services


  • Academic and leadership orientations and retreats
  • Early career institutes
  • Workshops, webinars, and book chats
  • Mutual mentoring groups
  • Faculty learning communities
  • Writing accountability groups
  • Faculty success coaching consultations
  • Tenured faculty enhancement leave
  • USG awards coordination
  • Custom services for academic units

In 2021, we expanded our offerings, by launching a faculty success coaching program and the Provost’s Faculty Leadership Fellows program in partnership with the provost. Additionally, we partnered for the second year with the University System of Georgia (USG) Center for Leadership Excellence to co-facilitate the Leadership Developers Institute and co-lead the USG Consortium for Professional and Institutional Development. Members of our team were appointed as inaugural USG Leadership Fellows and award the KSU Excellence in Innovation Award.