About Faculty Success

CETL--Faculty Success uses research-based educational and organizational development practices to support KSU faculty in their pursuit of career success and recognition. Our programs help faculty uncover strengths and grow competencies in areas that will progress their career goals in alignment with KSU's strategic initiatives.

Support Areas

  • Community, identity, and wellbeing
  • Leadership and recognition
  • Onboarding
  • Work-life harmony
  • Promotion, tenure, and review
  • Scholarship and productivity


  • Academic onboarding and orientations
  • Mutual mentoring groups
  • Workshops, webinars, and book chats
  • Faculty learning communities
  • Faculty professional development institutes
  • Faculty success coaching consultations
  • Tenured faculty enhancement leave funding
  • USG awards coordination
  • Custom services for academic units

Our Team

CETL Faculty Developers and Coaches

  • Michele DiPietro, Executive Director for Faculty Development, Recognition and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Professor of Statistics
  • Chinasa Elue, Faculty Success Coach; Lead Mentor and Faculty Expert, BIPOC Mutual Mentoring Group; and Associate Professor of Education Leadership
  • Letizia Guglielmo - Faculty Success Fellow, Chairs' Coach, and Professor of English
  • Esther Jordan - Faculty Success Director and Coach, and Professor of Political Science
  • Traci Stromie - Faculty Developer and Success Coach

Affiliated Faculty

  • Theresa Alviar-Martin, Lead Mentor and Faculty Export, International/Global Faculty Mutual Mentoring Group, Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction, and Global Affairs International Support Faculty Fellow
  • Darlene Xiomara Rodriguez, Lead Mentor and Faculty Expert, Parents in Academia Mutual Mentoring Group, and Associate Professor of Social Work and Human Services