Scholarly Teaching Sessions

Scholarly Teaching Sessions provide presenters a chance to share innovative teaching ideas or classroom experiences that are grounded in reflective practice and/or the literature on teaching and learning. 

Grouped with other similar sessions, these ten-minute “lightning talks” will allow attendees to gain a variety of new ideas that they can immediately implement in their classrooms. This format is ideal for those who have a great teaching idea to share that has not been subject to more formal inquiry. 

Scholarly Teaching sessions will be bundled by the conference team in groups of three to be delivered during a 60-minute concurrent session, with five minutes of Q&A after each ten-minute session and five minutes transition between sessions. 

Please anonymize the proposal text by removing any references to proposal authors or institutions to allow for blind review. 

The abstract (limit: 150 words) will be shared in the final program and should provide enough description to help participants determine whether and how your session will benefit them. 

In the session description (limit: 300 words), please include any additional information for session reviewers (for example, a description of materials or resources that will be shared with session participants). The session description will not be included in the final program. 

A panel of anonymous reviewers will review each proposal to provide recommendations to the conference chair. Reviewers will assess each Scholarly Teaching proposal based on the following questions:  

  • Does the proposal focus on a new or noteworthy teaching idea and/or student learning in higher education?  
  • Is the proposal grounded in scholarly reflective practice and/or the literature on teaching and learning? 
  • Does the proposal adequately explain how the idea might be adapted to multiple disciplines or settings?  
  • Is the proposal clearly articulated?