2022 Keynote Address

SoTL for Whom? Revisiting ‘Going Public’

Dr. Nancy Chick

One of SoTL’s defining features is that its projects are made public. This mandate to “change the status of teaching from private to community property” aims to elevate the professionalization, practice, and position of teaching in higher education (Shulman, 1993, p. 6). SoTL has maintained Shulman’s vision of this community, reinforcing the value of sharing what we learn through SoTL with our institutions, our disciplines, and even the broader academy. However, despite all of this attention to “going public,” we seem to have hit a wall in our understanding of “public,” with existing educational stakeholders as the outer edge of the common vision of SoTL. Even though SoTL has generated important findings about bottlenecks in learning, ways of increasing empathy, typical reactions to uncomfortable ideas, and more, we aren’t sharing this knowledge beyond academic communities -- despite its relevance to significant issues like racial violence and reconciliation, the scientific illiteracy behind mask and vaccine resistance, and ongoing campaigns of misinformation. In this keynote, I will explore this gap in this defining feature of SoTL and how we can reach well beyond our current audiences to effect understanding and change in the world.

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    Dr. Nancy Chick

    Dr. Chick is Director of the Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development at Rollins College, Past Co-President of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL), founding co-editor of Teaching & Learning Inquiry, and an incredibly prolific author and editor of numerous SoTL articles, books, and websites.